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4 Great Family Weekend Activities


Ever wondered about the best way to spend your weekend time with your family and loved little ones while making sure that the time is well spent? Well, worry no longer as we at Jeux Mania provide you with the best entertainment you can get.

What is Jeux Mania?

Jeux Mania is a toy store that was founded in response to the new reality COVID-19 has imposed on our daily lives. But after its success, Jeux Mania moved from the online to the physical world to provide local customers with everything they need to bring joy and happiness to themselves and their kids.

Jeux Mania offers a wide range of toys and games for children of all ages, including international brands. The range of products includes educational games for the entire family, figurines for everyone, trading cards, craft and science supplies, as well as puzzles for young and old. These products help stimulate curiosity and creativity in children. 

How can you plan a great family activity at weekends?

One of Jeux Mania’s main policies is to focus on products that are and will remain trendy in the Canadian markets. Thus, it can be easily noticed that Jeux Mania store’s main page (which you can find here!) greets you with their main three products; Pokémon, Funko, and Upper deck.

You can have a spectacular weekend activity with your family by playing or building collections of Pokémon, Funko pop, and upper deck

  • Pokémon 

There is no doubt that Pokémon is popular Canada, in 2016 the official account of Canada on twitter celebrated the 18th anniversary of Pokémon being around. Therefore, focusing on providing all that is related to it was one of Jeux Mania’s first goals.

 At Jeux Mania, you can find a wide range of collections and cards to build or enrich your collections of Pokémon at very reasonable prices all you have to do to plan a great weekend activity is get your family together and start building a great collection on your own.

You can check the entire category right here

  • Upper deck

In 2010 a survey found that 83% of Canadians watch Hockey once a week at least, of Canadians watch Hockey once a week at least, which can clearly shows how Canadians are fond of hockey. So, what creates a better family activity than building a good hockey collection?

there is an entire category for hockey fans of Jeux Mania’s website, as it tries to provide them with everything your family needs from A to Z so you don’t have to look or search elsewhere when you look for upper-deck hockey items.

You can easily browse the entire category here.

  • Funko pop

Funko pop is a blooming business that is worth over 700 million dollars in value, and it’s predicted to grow even more in the coming years. Building a Funko collection on the weekend with your family will surely help you have a good time and bond with each other.

 Funko pops are one of the most liked memorabilia one can have. Jeux Mania gives you the ability to find and collect your favorite figures to flaunt them to your friends. You will find Funko figures for whatever you like whether it was classic Funko or Disney-inspired Funko at the Jeux Mania store!

You can find out about the available Funko pop vinyl here.

  • Creative activities

There is nothing better than building stuff from scratch with family on weekends. Jeux mania offers you a wide range of DIY tools to create with your family and have a good memorable time. All you have to do is browse the arts and crafts category on the website, find the best thing that suits your family, and start building it together! Or you can plan on getting artifacts that bring joy to all family members and create a fantastic collection.

You can find all products related right here.

It’s worth noting that the Jeux Mania toy store includes plenty of other products that you can find and that it is not exclusively dedicated to Pokémon, Upper deck, and Funko. So you can plan a great family weekend activity on your own and in the way that suits you most!

Jeux Mania tries to please all its customers from all over Canada and make finding any entertainment they might like just one click away!

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